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Company and its Business Principles

"A dynamic and professional team turns travel and corporate catering into a new experience."
Corporate Catering Zurich/Zürich Switzerland/Schweiz LSZH Airport Kloten CH
Welcome to Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering is an affiliate of Hubert-Marsden Catering, a well-established customized private aircraft catering provider with premises in Kloten, Switzerland. Hubert-Marsden Catering was founded in the mid 90’s and is continuously expanding its product range to adapt to its clients' needs, therefore created Corporate Catering.
The parent company has selected and trained an experienced team of professionals to provide standardized and affordable catering solutions for business jets, limousines, VIP buses and corporate meetings.
Corporate Catering business strategy is to supply local and international clients with healthy, tasty and visually appealing meals that are practically packaged at an affordable price. A core necessity is to adapt to the clients' needs and foster communication while keeping focused on maintaining high quality.

The principle of Corporate Catering is as follows:
Long term business should never be sacrificed by short term results.
Maintain balanced, nutritious and stylish products by staying innovative and provide enhanced training.
Recognizing the customers’ needs and adapt accordingly, to offer the best solution for our clients.

Commitment to Quality
Every one who works for or with Corporate Catering is empowered and expected to maintain the highest quality in its products, processes and relationships. To insure and improve the quality of our products, we undergo constant scrutiny in our raw products, production sites, packaging equipment and with logistics. It is absolutely essential that we receive proper communication and feed backs from our employees, suppliers and customers in order to achieve and maintain the highest quality requirements.

Business Code of Conduct
Corporate Catering strongly believes that it is very important for each employee and partner no matter what rank to treat one another in a way that they would like to be treated. The following series of simple core values assist our people to play the rules: Respect, Honesty, Loyalty, Diversity, Responsibility, Quality, Accountability and Integrity.

Community Relationship
The parent company is a member of the Kloten Chamber of Commerce, where it actively plays a role in supporting small businesses and working together with the Regional Youth Support Committee. We provide troubled teenagers a chance to learn a profession by offering practical-training and supporting once a week vocational school.
The program allows them to reintegrate back into society in order to give them a better chance for an apprenticeship or employment.

Corporate Catering is well aware of the importance of well trained staff and therefore cross trains its employees. Offering this kind of training the employees acquire an insight to the different departments. This experience strengthens and diversifies our company which reflects on the end product.

Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland, Inflight Catering LSZH, Business Catering, Limousine/Bus Catering Zürich/Kloten Schweiz CH




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