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Welcome at Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland

"Corporate Catering is a dedicated business caterer for private jets, corporate companies, limousines and VIP buses."

Our concept

We offer tasty creative meals, finger foods and snacks, presented in attractive disposable dishes for the business or leisure traveler and for executive meetings at a competitive price.

Our services

  • Inflight Catering - Indulge your passengers with tasty and creative meals, finger food and snacks ...more
  • Business Catering - Modern business people often organize a business meeting as breakfast conference or work through their lunch break or even into the evening ...more
  • Limousine/Bus Catering - Shorten a long journey with a delicate snack or a light and easily digestible meal ...more
MenuOur professional team with many years of experience in the travel, corporate and culinary field took our customers' feedback seriously and created a range of global, well balanced, wholesome menus and snacks suiting a variety of tastes which can be appreciated at various times of the day.

To present the flavourful selection, we have chosen a practical and appealing, bento style packaging and translucent disposable dishes, which facilitate the handling and are extremely space saving - a top priority in the travel industry.
The stylish and convenient packaging offers corporate meetings that extra flair.

For your convenience we suggest to use our online shop, where you will find all our products with a detailed description and an illustration. To facilitate your choice, we have composed set menus, but with the click of your mouse you can select your favorite starter, main dish or dessert, creating your perfect meal.
An additional benefit of ordering in our online shop is the written confirmation which includes all prices simplifying your administration.

Our mission is to provide you with a simple and quick ordering system offering you a wide selection of tasteful meals, giving you more time and quality for your customers.

Your benefits at a glance

  • A selection of tasty meals and snacks visually appealing
  • Info
  • Global flavours covering domestic and international pallets 
  • Attractive and practical packaging – keeping storage space at top priority
  • Simple and quick ordering with our online shop
  • Confirmation sheet including all prices – reducing your administration
  • An experienced team making sure you get the best for your clients to an affordable price
  • Option of composing your personal set menus.
  • A business oriented Benefit Program.
Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland, Inflight Catering LSZH, Business Catering, Limousine/Bus Catering Zürich/Kloten Schweiz CH




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