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We work with the following reliable partners:

Hubert-Marsden Catering
Hubert-Marsden Catering
Hubert-Marsden Catering is a strictly private aircraft catering company that is specialized in customized and tailor-made catering solutions for private jets. An experienced team of professionals prepare your catering needs with passion and dedication to offer you a culinary enjoyment with a focus on visual appeal.

Phone:   +41 (0)44 800 70 20
Fax        +41 (0)44 800 70 21
Big Mama's Café
Big Mama Café

A trendy Café in Kloten-Zurich, five minutes from the airport has specialized in a large selection of hot and cold international sandwiches during business hours. Relax here during your break in a smoke free environment, reading a paper or magazine. Come and increase your international networking while sipping your favourite flavoured coffee as you enjoy a few moments of carefree time.

Phone:    +41 (0)44 813 03 70



Dudek Chocolatier

Raymund Dudek is an award winning chocolatier (1988 Olympic gold medal at the Chocolympiade; 1988 gold medal at the Internationale Kochkunstausstellung in Frankfurt am Main). His love for the cocoa beans and its potential has put his enthusiasm and creativity into full challenge resulting in hand crafted chocolate delicacies. Using only grand cru beans which carry the unique flavour of traditional Swiss chocolate, Raymund has created a variety of authentic chocolates and pralines which would be an honour to share with you.

Phone:    +41 (0)44 800 70 20 (Hubert-Marsden Catering)



We are a photo-studio in Kloten, Switzerland. Besides our person- and company-photography’s, we’ve been improving our knowledge and skills also in product-, reports-, and marriage-photography over the past years. Do not hesitate to contact us for your personal offer.

Phone:   +41 (0)43 255 66 62

Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland, Inflight Catering LSZH, Business Catering, Limousine/Bus Catering Zürich/Kloten Schweiz CH




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