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Limousine and VIP Bus Travel Catering

Offer your clients the opportunity to use their travelling time sensibly and combine work or leisure with a delicious treat. Benefit from our vast experience in the travel and culinary industry and shorten yours customers' travelling time with an eye-catching and tasty meal.

Travel Catering - Limousine/Bus Catering
Corporate Catering covers your travelling catering needs

Based on our clients' feedback, our professional team with many years of experience created a range of global, and wholesome compositions suiting a variety of tastes for various times of the day. What is adequate and practical to serve on a private-jet is certainly most suitable for a limousine and VIP bus.

Indulge your clients with a wide selection of dishes, ranging from Wraps, Sandwiches, Italian Antipasti, Spanish Tapas, Sushi and not to mentioning all the other tasty set menus. These delicacies are presented in an attractive and convenient packaging. Allow your passenger to shorten a long journey with a healthy and balanced meal or a light and easy digestible snack at an affordable price. The stylish bento set-up offers the customer enough free space for comfort. After enjoying the culinary pleasure, your client can easily clear his space by placing the used utensils in the disposable box, leaving the interior of your vehicle nice and clean. Let us provide your passenger with energizing brain food so he or she arrives at the destination energized and ready for business or leisure.

High Quality

Our carefully prepared dishes reflect the fresh and high-quality products we use. In our production site we go further than the regular HACCP rules to make sure you receive an outstanding product. In such a fast growing industry we especially foster the contact with our suppliers which reflect on the high quality consistency we receive from them. Purchase and production alone is not enough to assure high standards - logistics is just as important. That is why we have chosen a delivery casing that guarantees cooling and additional safety even if your journey should be delayed.

Practical PackagingBus Catering

To present the flavourful selection, we have chosen a practical and appealing, translucent and robust packaging that facilitates the handling and is extremely space saving - a top priority in the travel industry. The stylish, elaborate and convenient packaging offers travel catering the extra flair and completes our refined system. The boxes are easily disposable and economically considerate. The food is hygienically sealed and stowed in the boxes so that it cannot move, shift or slip which makes its handling extremely easy and comfortable. Packed in a convenient cooling case your order remains at an ideal temperature for the duration of the journey.


Online Shop

When planning your clients' journey, it is a benefit to brows through our Online Shop which gives you visual support with appetizing illustrations. You will also find a detailed description and price for each product.  An additional advantage of ordering online is that you can compare your selection with your financial parameters. Another benefit is the written confirmation that includes all prices and simplifies your administration. Your billing department can easily check the order confirmation against the invoice to verify its correctness.

Fax ordering form
For your convenience, we provide a fax ordering form to download that also provides you with our menu and standard items. During operational hours, we will be happy to confirm your order. Our 24 hour reachable Fax: +41 (0)44 800 71 31.

Phone orders
You are always welcome to place an order by phone during our operational hours. This gives you the possibility to consult one of our professionals for any questions or queries. Phone: +41 (0)44 800 71 30.

Corporate Catering Benefit Program

To learn more about our Travel Catering Benefit Program call +41 (0)44 800 71 30.

Your Benefits of our Travel Catering at a glance

  • A selection of tasty meals and snacks visually appealing
  • Global flavours covering domestic and international palates
  • Attractive and practical packaging – keeping storage space at top priority
  • Simple and quick ordering with our online shop
  • Confirmation sheet including all prices – reducing your administration
  • An experienced team making sure you get the best for your clients to an affordable price
  • Option of composing your personal set menus
  • A business oriented Benefit Program
Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland, Inflight Catering LSZH, Business Catering, Limousine/Bus Catering Zürich/Kloten Schweiz CH




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