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Taste on the Move

Our  Philosophy
While everybody is concentrating on expanding to bigger and more profitable businesses, we have gone back to the basics and asked ourselves what makes us different and how can we improve our clients' needs? Taste and quality at a reasonable price in all variations is our answer. We strongly believe that taste has been largely neglected in the fast evolving food industry and this is why we have made taste our core business.

Scientists quote: the main goal of eating is nutrition, an essential condition which ensures the keeping and development of life. That is a fact, but does inflight or business catering have to taste boring when energizing your batteries or can it taste great at the same time? In our youth, we travelled the continents and gathered the senses for the most intriguing flavours across the globe. With health and flavour in our mind, we have created some well balanced meals and snacks which we want to share with you.
Take advantage of our elaborate culinary concept and let us provide you with flavoursome domestic and international cuisine transforming your clients' journey or business meeting into a tasty experience that will strengthen your guests for what lies ahead of them.

Corporate Catering Zurich Switzerland, Inflight Catering LSZH, Business Catering, Limousine/Bus Catering Zürich/Kloten Schweiz CH




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